Flowing River Productions (FRP) was founded by Director, Bobby Field. Being an actor himself, with over 20 years of experience, he knows the challenges of getting the high quality footage needed to create a professional actor's demo reel. He often says the best acting work he has ever done was on a stage; either during a play or in an acting class. Where else can an actor (with limited credits) flush out a dream type role with the benefit of rich, well written material? Unfortunately, the only people who were able to see the work, were the ones who happened to be in the theater that given night.

For years, Bobby was asked repeatedly to film scenes for fellow thespians who were hoping he could get the same type of professional quality results he gets with his films. Each time Bobby found the task would be too expensive for a typical actor's budget to afford. With a lot of thought, a few favors, and the generosity of his loyal film crew, Bobby has figured out a way.

For only $400 per actor (about the same cost as good headshots or to have a decent demo reel edited), Bobby & his crew of industry professionals can film and edit together a 2 to 3 minute scene using all of the bells & whistles used to make a top quality feature film or television show (see Home Page for details).

Bobby has also been a working film editor for over ten years, and has edited hundreds of actor's demo reels. He knows exactly what the industry is looking for in regards to an ideal, demo reel scene:  Great acting, high quality picture & sound, making sure the actor is the star of the scene, & using plenty of close ups where you can clearly see the actor's face and all of the subtleties of their acting .   


Writer / Director / Producer / Actor / Editor / Muscian

Bobby spent his teenage years in Miami, Florida studying the classical guitar with Carlos Molina (the world renowned understudy of Andres Segovia) and singing in the speed metal band Dark Descent.  Dark Descent relocated to San Diego, California where Bobby was bitten by the acting bug and spent the next two years playing lead roles in numerous theater productions.  After landing the starring role in the independent feature,Godmoney, he made the move to Los Angeles.  A series of leading roles in independent films soon followed.

Bobby wrote, produced and starred in the feature comedy, Guy in Row Five, which has garnered numerous awards on the film festival circuit (including the Best Actor Award at the Westwood International Film Festival for Bobby’s performance as Thess, The Audience Award at the Cinequest International Film Festival, and Best-in-the-Fest at The SoCal International Film Festival) and is set for a world-wide release in 2017. 

Most recently, he has come full circle, combining his love for music and film, to direct and star in the feature film, The Bridge, of which he wrote the script and music for.